Solar Screen Vs. 3M™ Window Film

Solar screens get their performance by cutting visible light and absorption. Since visible light is only responsible for 44% of heat, the claim (made by Solar screen people) of 80% - 90% heat reduction is misleading. Further, solar screens cut at most 70% of UV light, which is the major cause of fading.

3M™ Window Film

  • Enhances the beauty of your home.
  • Reduces more heat.
  • Clear view out.
  • Applied to inside of glass and can be cleaned even with ammonia base products 30 days after installation.
  • Our products are completely safe for dual-paned glass, including Low-E. Guaranteed!
  • Our products come with warranties backed by the 3M Company on both materials and labor.

Solar Screens

  • Unattractive and detract from your home’s beauty.
  • Reduces less heat.
  • Distorted view out.
  • Screens must be removed for window cleaning. Professional window cleaners charge extra to remove them.
  • Collects dirt and bugs. When water from rain gets on them, your view is distorted even more.
  • Their lifetime warranty is only on the screen material, not the cost to rescreen.